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The impact of attending a Networking Event

The impact of attending a Networking Event

After the Covid19, networking nights were revived. We used to host a 90-minute event where idea generators and dreamers met their positive business goals, while idea developers, project designers, marketers, product managers, and start-up enthusiasts shared ideas, formed teams, built products, and launched firms. So, now that the pandemic has passed, the networking nights have resumed their regular schedule, which we used to hold once a month. Everyone agrees that networking has numerous advantages. We all know how important it is to make solid professional contacts, especially as business developers.


We host “networking night” events because we recognize the importance of networking. Professionals from the academic field and associated sectors can introduce themselves and develop relationships with persons who may be able to help them, or vice versa, at these events.


The best thing about networking events is that they bring together like-minded people in a comfortable environment. If you want to meet people in the events industry, you should go to a networking event. These events allow you to meet and network with other event professionals, vendors, promoters, and company owners in a social context.

All of our organized networking nights feature a well-known guest speaker. Hearing their views can be beneficial, and it’s always a good time to learn something new.


Being one of Somalia’s top and most experienced event planners means facing stiff competition. We stayed ahead of the curve by developing trends, new venues, and event concepts. such as organizing new events in the country, such as a networking night and others

We wouldn’t have been the first choice of the government to plan their special events for the past 5 years if we hadn’t been consistently raising our game and giving higher quality to our clients over the past 12 years.

Although all networking events have the same purpose of connecting people with others who might assist them in advance in their careers, there are some distinctions in the locations and formats of these gatherings.

There are various kinds of networking events. However, we concentrate on professional gatherings more than any other type when it comes to networking night.

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